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How long has DabJars been in business?
Since December of 2012
How many jars has DabJars sold since opening?
Nealy half a million!!
What shipping carrier does DabJars use?
We use USPS First Class for smaller orders, and USPS Priority for larger orders. Over 1,000 jars we usually ship UPS / Fed Ex depending on location.
Where is DabJars located?
In the East Village… that's downtown Manhattan, NYC
How often does DabJars mail out orders?
We send out orders 5 days a week, and sometimes on Saturdays.
What are the hours of customer service?
If you email us, we'll get back to you within 30 minutes of seeing the email. Mind you… we sleep too!
Does DabJars offer a return policy?
Yes, we do. Send us the product back, and we'll credit your account. We provide free shipping the first time, not the second.
Do many jars break in the mail?
Surprisingly no. I've got a 99.9% success rate of packages arriving whole, with every jar in tact. On the rare occasion you've got a broken up package, contact us and we'll fix it / pro-rate your purchase.
Does DabJars have a store front?
No, we don't. We're strictly a mail order business. In rare instances, we'll accomodate a pick up.
Does DabJars contribute to youth groups and charities?
Time to time we do, assuming they're in reason and in budget. Contact us at : giveback@DabJars.com
Does DabJars provide Drop Shipping / Ship in blind?
We can upon request. Please contact us prior to ordering so we can make accomodations.
Does DabJars accept Bitcoin?
Yes we do. Contact us prior to ordering for real time transfer rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will DabJars ship overseas?
Yes. While based in the US, we'll ship around the world. Please contact us prior to ordering for actual shipping charges.
Does DabJars sell advertising space?
No, we don't.
Does DabJars charge tax on orders?
No, we don't. However we pay them at the end of the year so you don't have to.
Is DabJars hiring?
If you've got a special skillset of use to DabJars, we'll consider contractual employment.
Is DabJars 100% compliant with US law?
Yes we are. Why take a chance?
Does DabJars share it's info with other companies?
Never. We don't even keep records of our clients or their orders, other then what PayPal records.