quality glass
5ml size
screw tight cap
child resistant cap
pop top lid
straight neck
foam lined cap
odor proof
UV protection

I keep all my heady concentrates in DabJars. They've got dispensary grade glass, not that cheap shit. Who ya gonna trust? DabJars, that's who.

Dan from DC

Whenever I buy an ounce of sticky gooey wax, I split it up and sell it to my friends. Good thing for DabJars or I'd be putting that shit on parchment paper!

Chizz from OuttaTown

When it comes to DabJars, you don't have a lot of options. If you insist upon a quality product as I do, you'll find DabJars to meet all your standards.

K.T. from NYC

I read about DabJars in High Times magazine. Thought it was a joke, but it's real... a website that only sells concentrate containers. God has answered my prayers.

P-nut from Ghetto Lake

Um yeah I dated the guy that started that website. He used to smoke this stuff with a blowtorch and it really scared me. Is he still alive?

Ex-girlfriend from NYC

I saw these DABAJRS stickers all over my neighborhood. Then I checked them out, and they had the perfect jar for my Sauce & Diamonds! Thanks guys!

Nick Crew from NYC


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